May the Codeducation Be With You!

By: Tran, Nhi I have been sort of have been on a Star Wars-all-day-past-few-months-marathon craze with the excitement of the upcoming Star Wars installment this coming 2015 December. Re-watching these movies that were first debuted in 1977, it is absolutely mind blowing how technologically advanced they were at that time. Not only really wanting to be apart of this technological-space-ish type of world. Our universe is no Star Wars, but we are moving to a more digital dependent world. The Internet and the Computer has reached all corners of the world and has unified the human body within this complex Inter-web. Steve Hawkings said, “Whether you want to uncover secrets of the Universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st Century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” Never have I heard a quote more accurate to the direction and decisions I am making in my own life. After going through FSU career fairs and talking to numerous companies, I realized there is such a high demand in those who have basic coding ability. Whether or not your career will be based off of coding or data analysts, computer programming is essential to developing problem-solving skills as well as being able to effectively communicate with a employment force that has increasingly become more demanding. Information Technology is one of the fastest growing markets and most well paid fields to enter into. Personally, I am a strong coder in C++, but that is not enough anymore. After interviewing with J.P. Morgan and companies like Tribridge, companies are looking for well rounded individuals. Companies are encouraging finance majors, accounting majors and other business majors to learn to Code because it makes that individual that much more valuable as an asset because of being able to understand a wide range of what companies are based on now. And I get it, tuition is expensive and sometimes we are just solely focused on the degree we entered college for. But as a student, we are doing ourselves a disservice not using all of the resources made available to us. At FSU, Coeducation has become a recognized student organization focused on teaching code (Python is the language being taught this semester) to other students at FSU. Codeducation is club-fee-free and is an organization trying to make the FSU’s student body more valuable to future employers. If interested, feel free to Contact the Ronnie Myers (the President of Codeducation) and their Facebook page. And with the pursuit of all coding and Star Wars things alike, May the Codeducation Be With You!