Proud of Being a Seminole

nur nur2 Written by Monte VanDyke. “I had a very pleasant experience throughout my five years at Florida State University. I feel that the admissions staff coordinated the start of my college career with professionalism and efficiency which created a sense of ease and excitement for me.” Jeimece M. Ware graduated from Florida State University in the Nursing Program. She started her career as a registered nurse at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare in Tallahassee, FL and is now a traveling nurse residing in Orlando, FL. Researchers say nurses make up the majority of the sections in the country’s health care staff in the population. Their title role of the description about the front lines of patient care is not always fully understood. “I had great advisors and instructors that made lasting impressions upon me even to this day. Nursing school was very challenging academically, but I was always proud of being a Seminole.” The FSU nursing program is a higher advanced major with the requirements for mandatory courses that are offered to the nursing students in the program. The required courses were established by the ideas and values from liberal studies. The description of this platform is used for the development of the care strategies for offering nursing care to different people in a variability of health care backgrounds. “There really was not a single event or factor that made me choose nursing. It actually wasn’t my first choice for a major. I enrolled in FSU as a Sports Medicine concentration and it wasn’t until my sophomore year that I decided to pursue nursing.” Ware shares her opinions about her main goal of nursing is to be responsible for their vital, individual and societal services to people for being aware of the actions intended to support a patient’s desires. “I have family members that I respected who advised me into the healthcare field. I felt that nurses’ work schedules were practical for the type of lifestyle that I wanted. I felt the nursing field was very broad and offered a variety of options in terms of areas to work in. And of course, in general, I find enjoyment in helping others.”